General Dentist Ancaster

The goal of general dentistry is to detect, treat, and prevent oral health issues to ensure a lifetime of brilliant and healthy teeth.

At the Norton Dental Ancaster we offer an array of solutions for oral health issues. With regularly scheduled dental checkups and teeth cleanings twice a year, we can notably reduce your contingency for severe decay, disease and further oral health concerns.

We provide a safe, inviting, and pleasant environment for our clients by offering amenities such as enjoying a favorite tv show or listening to calming music during treatment. 

For clients who are apprehensive or fearful of treatment, we offer sedation dentistry to help make visits less stressful and more enjoyable.

The dentist will perform the following procedures during your general dentistry appointment: 

A Comprehensive Smile Exam: In which Dr. Taimish with perform a digital x-ray to identify such issues as cavities between teeth, impacted teeth and jaw alignment concerns. We will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay, inconsistencies, and gum disease and advise you on suitable treatment options. 

Oral Cancer Screening: We perform an oral cancer screening to detect any signs of oral cancer with each dental checkup. We can identify symptoms and signs that can indicate oral cancer including discoloration, bumps, pimples, and sores. Upon finding such symptoms, we conduct further testing to safeguard your optimal health. 

Along with these general dentistry procedures we also offer professional teeth cleaning to ensure the thorough removal of plaque or calculus. Our esteemed staff will polish and floss your teeth to give you a brilliant revitalized smile. We also perform sealants for younger clients who have trouble brushing hard to reach spots to help prevent bacteria from causing cavities. Call (905) 648-6116 to book your general dentistry consult today.